SOL fireplace Lite fuel Free Rechargeable Lighter: review

USB rechargeable lighters had been round for a couple of years now, and that they certainly have their area. They’re no longer affected by temperature or altitude, and that they can be with no trouble charged in the automobile on the way to the trailhead or campsite. I spent a few weeks with the SOL fireplace Lite gas Free Rechargeable Lighter and right here’s what i believed.

The SOL hearth Lite weighs next to nothing, however then once again, most lighters do. At under two ounces, it’s not anything you’d notice for your pack. I discovered the plasma arc to be very valuable at lights newspaper, hearth starters, candles, my camp stove, and even birch bark. It also performs reasonably smartly within the wind. This changed into doubtless my favorite characteristic, as it made hearth beginning on windy days handy to do.

The case on the SOL fireplace Lite is water-proof, and the micro USB port is internal the place it can’t be broken from the aspects. I discovered the ignition button to be a artful design, as a result of when the lid is closed, it turns on the mild. It’s now not a light-weight that you simply’d use for mountain climbing, nonetheless it offers enough gentle to dig around to your cooler or make your way to the bathing room.

basic, i assumed that the SOL fire Lite fuel Free Rechargeable Lighter become a great, well designed piece of apparatus. Some people would say that the battery powered aspect of it’s a negative, because it could fail. I wouldn’t disagree with that, however I always suggest carrying a 2d fireplace source, and don’t see it as an issue. For me, the convenience of beginning a fireplace without difficulty in windy conditions outweighs the unlikely odds of the battery in some way failing. If it did I’d be prepared anyway.

The final thing I’ll say is that it’s extremely good for anybody who’s introducing children to the fireplace building part of tenting because it’s safer than fits. yes, it may nevertheless burn your finger, however the “push and element” means of beginning a fire is terribly protected. which you can nonetheless train kids about tinder and kindling (which is essentially the most essential issue to understand anyway), and that they’ll believe like they helped out in setting up camp.

The SOL fire gentle fuel Free Rechargeable Lighter worked as well (or better) than a typical lighter in basically every circumstance I used it in. The little crackling plasma arc isn’t a gimic – it basically works particularly smartly. As I referred to earlier, I at all times elevate two hearth sources, and that i’ll be the use of this one as my go-to moving forward.


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